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Sad Girl Cinema is an ongoing documentary film project exploring mental health narratives in screen culture that I created with artist Claire Biddles.

Sorted into three themes: therapy on screen, the mental health ward on screen and ‘tortured geniuses and tragic muses’ on screen we navigate our way through a whole bunch of pop cultural cliches!

Alongside mine and Claire’s themed chapters, the documentary also features three first person chapters. These focus on the nuances of  engaging with mental health screen representation for those of us who are actually struggling with mental health issues ourselves.

The first person chapters are as follows:

-‘I’m too poor to be one of the Girlfriends’: Imade Nibokun on therapy and classism in the tv series ‘Girlfriends’ (2000-2008)

-‘Queer in the Psych Ward’: Lisa Ruiz on medical homophobia in American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)

-‘Hair and the Hollywood Imagination’: Izzy Leslie on representing  trichotillomania in the film ‘Young Adult’ (2011)

Inspired by the work of Charlie Lyne (‘‘Fear Itself’, ‘Copycat’ and ‘Beyond Clueless’), Ross Sutherland (‘Stand by For Tape Back Up’) and Vito Russo’s ‘The Celluloid Closet’ we’re interested in combining archival film footage with first person reflections to provide a bridge between the imagined fairy tales of tortured geniuses, sad white girls and creepy serial killers with the shit we actually have to deal with every day. Rooted in self advocacy we explore the intersecting oppressions in the cinematic imagination of mental illness.

Our first two first-person chapters premiered at Scottish International Queer Festival in September 2017, reviews of our event can be read here and here.

We encourage audience participation and talk back to the screen.

Existing SGC collabs have included SQIFF, Matchbox Cineclub x BFI Film Feels,  and Dardishi Festival, so please let us know you’d like us to work together!

We also have a lot of feelings about Leonardo DiCaprio.

You can also connect with us on Twitter and Tumblr and find out more about us over at Not So Popular.

Any questions? Drop us a message at sadgirlcinema (at) gmail (dot) com