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Doll Hospital is an art and literature print journal on mental health that I founded in 2014. I hold the position of editor in chief edit and Maggie Webster is our graphic designer. It encourages work with an intersectional focus as the history of mental health is so closely tied to the history of race, class, gender identity, sexuality, colonialism, chronic illness, and disability.

Rooted in self-advocacy, we centre the voices of those who are largely unheard in the mainstream notion of ‘mental health.’ Doll Hospital Journal aims to be an alternative to the limited narratives that are focused on in the mainstream media. We want to offer a platform to those who experience mental health firsthand, in their own words, on their own terms.

We don’t care about ‘success stories’, we care about surviving.

We believe print is the best medium for this project — a refuge from toxic comment sections and constant link skipping. Something tangible to slip in your book bag and read on the bus. Something still, something quiet, something just for you.

Doll Hospital has currently created five 150 page plus issues, the journal has been featured in publications such as Vice, i-d, Dazed Digital and The Metro, is held in The Wellcome Collection and Glenside Hospital Museum, exhibited in NYC and Athens and has published the creative works of hundreds of mentally ill, and otherwise marginalised, folks looking to share their story.

Find out more about Doll Hospital over at our website, read previews of Doll Hospital Issues One to Four here, shop for digital of our journal (with profits going to INQUEST and Trans Survivors Switchboard) here, buy DH related goodies here, donate to help us continue our work here, listen to DH themed playlists here and keep up with our happenings via tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Any questions? Drop us a message at dollhospitaljournal at gmail dot com