Bethany Rose Lamont
Date of Birth: 26.06.1991

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  • 2015-2018, ‘Post Traumatic Web Disorder’:  Navigating the Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Digital Spaces, Central Saint Martins (Under a TECHNE Scholarship)
  • 2016, Developing Academic Practice, Central Saint Martins (module in Academic Practice Mst.)
  • 2013-2014, MA History of Art and Visual Culture, Oxford University
  • 2009-2012, BA (Hons) Criticism, Communication and Curation: Art and Design; Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, University of the Arts, London (First)
  • Jan-March 2012, Fine Art: Applied Drawing, Slade School of Fine Art

Academic Positions

November 2015 – present

Guest Lecturer, Central Saint Martins, London

  • Serving as a guest lecturer on three undergraduate modules: ‘Censorship’ (first year students), ‘Curation’ (first year students) and ‘Pop Culture and the Fantastic’ (second and third year students) and one Mst. module, ‘Digital Humanities’.
  • Developing one-two hour lectures and class discussions following the brief of Central Saint Martin’s course leaders.
  • Supporting students via email and in person, assisting with recommended reading and class assignments.
  • Managing class discussions on potentially difficult and distressing themes such as trauma theory and mental illness to create an accessible space for intellectual engagement.

October 2016 – January 2017

Tutor, The Brilliant Club

  • Creating a custom university style course, comprised of five tutorials, homework assignments and a final essay assessment, given to two classes of six secondary school students in years eight and nine from a non-selective comprehensive school in an underperforming area. The course served as an introduction to critical theory, introducing subjects such as psychoanalysis and postcolonial theory which the students would not have been previously familiar with and was developed with the course teacher and the Brilliant Club’s regional manager.
  • Managing student behaviour, ensuring disability access was provided and encouraging shy and disengaged students to participate in class discussions.
  • Setting and marking homework and the students’ final 1,500 word essay assignment, providing one on one feedback for each students to develop their work.
  • Managing the classes ‘Virtual Learning Environment’, where attendance is marked, homework is received and student’s questions are answered.
  • Attending a training weekend on pedagogy and university access, where I was introduced to marking criteria, the Virtual Learning Environment, teaching skills and barriers to higher education access.

October 2012 – July 2013

Junior Fellow of Visual Culture, University of the West of England, Bristol

  • Supporting third year students in their dissertations via one to one drop in sessions.
  • Managing student attendance, course hand ins, online resources and UWE’s virtual learning environment, Moodle.
  • Helping first year students with their assignments through group tutorials.
  • Presenting my own academic research to undergraduates to help them think critically about the nature of visual culture.

Editorial Work

May 2014 – present

Editor in Chief, Doll Hospital Journal

  • Founding an art and literature print journal on the topic of mental health.
  • Undertaking interviews with internationally recognised publication such as Vice, Dazed and i-d and travelling across the country to give talks to promote and amplify the work of Doll Hospital.
  • Collaborating with Doll Hospital’s designer Maggie Webster to art direct each issue, creating custom spreads for each and every article.
  • Connecting with associated mental health charities both locally and internationally to encourage cross-collaboration.
  • Collaborating with museums and galleries both locally and internationally in order to exhibit and archive the journal anthologies.
  • Co-running Doll Hospital’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, promoting mental health education and community engagement.
  • Appointing an editorial team, accountant, proof readers, social media team and a staff of writers and illustrators.
  • Reviewing and editing submissions.
  • Organising and managing deadlines for editorial content.
  • Constantly being on the lookout for exciting new content and contributors.
  • Conducting interviews and roundtables, writing essays and each issue’s editor’s letter.
  • Raising income via crowdfunding and applying for grants.

Media Projects

July 2015 – present

Co-creator, Sad Girl Cinema

  • Producing a documentary on mental health representations in screen culture in collaboration with the artist Claire Biddles set for release in 2018. 
  • Writing and editing the script, which evaluates and investigates reoccurring mental health tropes in screen culture, closely researching hundreds of popular television and films in the Western popular culture canon in the process.
  • Managing the documentary’s social media presence on Twitter and Tumblr and undertaking interviews to promote the project.
  • Attending screenings, panels and as part of the Sad Girl Cinema team.
  • Commissioning three ‘first person’ chapters on mental health screen representation, editing and developing each script in collaboration with the author in question.

Curatorial Work

February 2015 – July 2015

Archivist and Social Media Assistant, Glenside Hospital Museum

  • Conducting and transcribing interviews, editing publications and writing blog posts.
  • Developing, organising and maintaining the library.
  • Assisting with the September 2015 Open Doors shows
  • Creating and maintaining an online digital image archive of the mental health resources and historical sources available at the library.
  • Curating online content via tumblr and Pinterest.
  • Fostering connections with neighbouring museums.

November 2010- May 2012

Archivist, Oral History Department, The British Library, London

  • Worked with Anish Kapoor’s studio, researching and transcribing sources to be used in his 2011 book, ‘Anish Kapoor’ (Flammarion 2011)
  • Managed the long form meta data archives of the British Library’s vast oral history collection.
  • Independently worked on an archival project on Monica Pidgeon, the first woman editor of ‘Architectural Design’, providing a key contribution to the women’s history of architecture in oral history.
  • Undertook a six-month project cataloguing and summarising the complete works of BBC radio producer Judith Bumpus, featuring exclusive recordings of writers and artists such as Lucian Freud and Aldous Huxley.
  • Independently sourced information and key details of oral history sources to ensure accuracy of archival resources.
  • Writing blog posts and articles to encourage visitors to access the British Library’s Oral History archives.

Charity Sector

July 2014 – August 2014

Events Assistant, Unchosen, Eastville Bristol

  • Designing and developing promotional material, story boards, infographics and information packs for the charity.
  • Managing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Applying for funding grants.
  • Liaising with press, media companies, film festivals and associated charities.

  • June 2012, ‘Don’t Take Me Too Lightly!’ Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, U.K (artist and co-curator)
  • July 2012, ‘Rookie, Urban Outfitters and The Ardorous Presents: Strange Magic’ Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles, U.S.A. (artist)
  • September 2012, solo show, ‘Ancient Child: Bethany Lamont’, Philadelphia Street Gallery, Bristol
  • February 2013, ‘Girls Get Busy: In Colour!’, @rt b@aby g@llery, 16th Feb-16th March, 2013 (artist)
  • April 2015, ‘Hidden Visions’, Chelsea Gallery, London (artist)
  • September 2015, ‘Glenside Hospital Museum: Open Doors Show’ (artist)
  • September 2016, ‘We Are What We Archive’, Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NYC (artist)
  • October 2016, ‘Visual Activism’, NEFELE festival, Bouzianis Museum, Athens, Greece (artist)


Panels, Public Speaking and Outreach
  • September 2017, Sad Girl Cinema: Screening, panel discussion and q +a, Scottish Queer International Film Festival
  • April 2017, Typography and Trauma: Conversations on Doll Hospital Journal, Writefest 2017
  • January 2017, Is Mental Health Political? London College of Fashion
  • December 2016, ‘Doll Hospital Journal: An Introduction’, Mentality, Off the Record
  • August 2016, ‘Beyond the Bell Jar: A Mental Health Writing Workshop’
  • November 2014, ‘Women and Mental Health’, Feminism in Theory and Action, Wadham College, Oxford University

Papers Presented
  • November 2016, ‘Misogyny and Memory: How has the figure of the survivor become ‘gendered’ in digital spaces?’ Cardiff University
  • June 2016, ‘How has the digital landscape shifted our attitudes towards childhood sexual abuse survivors?’ Writing Gender and Self Conference, Bath Spa University
  • November 2015, ‘Transferring Trauma: Understanding Internet Monsters in American Culture’, Cine-Excess Conference, Brighton University

Lectures Given
  • May 2017, ‘Mental Health in the Margins: A Celebration of Self Advocacy’, Central Saint Martins
  • April 2017, ‘The Campus in Crisis? Free Speech and the Far Right’, Central Saint Martins
  • November 2016, ‘Transferring Trauma: Collective Engagements in Digital Horror’, Central Saint Martins
  • November 2016, ‘Never ending libraries: Literature as Image in Digital Culture’, Central Saint Martins
  • April 2016, ‘Moral Panic and Mental Health: Unsympathetic survivors and unwilling viewers’, Central Saint Martins
  • November 2015, ‘Open sourcing horror: Understanding Internet monsters, gross out videos and traumatic images’, Central Saint Martins

Courses and Conferences Attended
  • October 2016, ‘Freedom of Mind Conference’, At Bristol
  • October 2016, ‘The Brilliant Club: Training Weekend’, Hammersmith Academy
  • December 2015, ‘Law and Ethics for Social Sciences and Humanities Research’, The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 2011, ‘Gender, Migration and Religion’, Middlesex University
  • March 2015, SW Museums Digital Engagement Project, M Shed
  • November 2010, ‘Symposia: Sexuality and the Surrealist Sensorium’, Tate Modern

Selected Essays and Articles
  • July 2011, ‘Cataloguing the Judith Bumpus Collection’, British Library Sound Recording Blog
  • March 2012, ‘Being Ugly’, Stigma Zine
  • May 2012, ‘Curating Childhood’, Cura Magazine
  • Autumn 2013, ‘Girl Ghosts’, Collections zine
  • November 2013, ‘Untitled’, Syrian Civil War poetry anthology, Oxfam
  • February 2014, ‘Disability is not a Dress up Box’, I Shape Beauty
  • May 2014, ‘Crimes and Misdemeanours’, Rookie Mag
  • December 2014, ‘Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body’, Unknown Quantities Journal
  • February 2015, ‘Suicide in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction’, Doll Hospital Issue 1
  • April 2015,‘Outsider/Insider’, The Hair Pin
  • June 2015, ‘The Fabric of the Mind: Notes on Fashion, Learning Difficulties and Mental Health’, Glenside Hospital Museum
  • December 2015, ‘Charlie the Survivor’, Doll Hospital Issue 2
  • August 2016, ‘Psychosis or High Self Esteem?’ Doll Hospital Journal Issue 3
  • August 2016, ‘I can’t get no satisfaction: Sexual Frustration + Pop Music’, Fuck What You Love Issue 1
  • February 2017, ‘Follicle’, Doll Hospital Journal Issue 4
  • February 2017, ‘She Devil’: On the Demonization of Sexual Abuse Survivors’, Doll Hospital Journal Issue 4
  • May 2017, ‘Come with me let’s die anywhere else: Suburbia, Searching and Not Getting Out’, We Can Be Heroes Zine
  • June 2017, ‘What we can learn from Harry Potter’s “mad women”’, New Statesman
  • October 2017, ‘Women in Body Horror’, Token: Issue Two

Selected Interviews and Roundtables
  • June 2010, ‘Operation Beautiful: Interview’, Snippets Magazine
  • September 2010, ‘Awkward Family Photos: Interview’, Snippets Magazine
  • August 2010, ‘In Conversation with Ornella Sabiene’, Venue Magazine
  • August 2010, ‘In Conversation with Avril Baker’, Venue Magazine
  • September 2011, ‘An Interview with the artist Susan Johanknecht’, National Student Newspaper
  • November 2013, ‘A Curious Fancy: In conversation with Ragini Nag Rao’, The Isis
  • February 2014, ‘For Books’ Sake Talks to: Janet Mock’, For Books’ Sake
  • February 2014,‘Redefining Realness: Writer and Advocate Janet Mock’, The Isis
  • March 2014, ‘I STYLE It: Interview with Eline of Perma Pupa’, I Shape Beauty 
  • September 2014, ‘Labour Behind the Label’, The Style Con
  • October 2014, ‘Interview with Emily Barletta’, The Style Con
  • February 2015, ‘Interview with Angela Deane’, Doll Hospital Issue 1
  • February 2015, ‘Interview with Kate Zambreno’, Doll Hospital Issue 1
  • February 2015, ‘Interview with the Coven’, Doll Hospital Issue 1
  • February 2015: ‘Treat Yo Self: An Open Conversation on Capitalism and Self Care’, Doll Hospital Issue 1
  • December 2015, ‘You wouldn’t treat someone with cancer like that and other dodgy clichés: an open conversation on the intersections of mental and physical health’, Doll Hospital Issue 2
  • May 2016, ‘Behind the Scenes of Rookie Magazine’, Snippets
  • August 2016, ‘Super Stigma Shame Spiral: A roundtable on marginalised mental health experiences’, Doll Hospital Issue 3
  • August 2016, ‘Everything is Major’ An Interview with Sara Lautman’, Doll Hospital Issue 3

Published Artwork
  • October 2011, ‘Period Pants’, Girls Get Busy Zine
  • October 2011, ‘Mamillary Eyes’, Girls Get Busy Zine
  • October 2011, ‘Dalston boutique East of Eden bucks trends’, Hackney Citizen
  • November 2011, ‘Considering Hackney as a Potemkin Village’, Hackney Citizen
  • December 2011, ‘Abortion and Sexual Identity in Contemporary Culture’, The F Word
  • January 2012, ‘Pornography and Sexual Identity’, The F Word
  • February 2012, ‘Class Culture and Feminist Dialogue’, The F Word
  • March 2012, ‘Only God My dear’, Girls Get Busy Zine
  • March 2012, ‘Dysphoria’, The Ardorous
  • August 2012, ‘Strange Magic’, Rookie Magazine
  • August 2012, Girls Get Busy Tumblr
  • December 2012, Days of Our Lives, Rookie Magazine
  • July 2013, ‘Tavi’s World’, featured art work at Tavi Gevinson’s key note speech at the Sydney Opera House 
  • October 2013, ‘24 Comics that Capture the frustration of anxiety’, Buzzfeed 
  • October 2014, ‘On Tuesday I drew you a Red Panda’, Rookie Magazine
  • October 2014, ‘Working for the Mouse’, Rookie Magazine

Book Reviews

  • Work held in the Interference Archives, NYC, The Wellcome Collection, London, UK and Glenside Hospital Museum, Bristol UK